Saturday, 3 January 2015

How to create Love Peace Harmony within our Organs: Spleen

Dear Readers,

Today I would like to share the practices on how to create Love Peace and Harmony within our organs, in the Spleen, by applying The Four Power Techniques®  as taught by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. 

Body power:
Please sit up straight in a chair, or you can stand up with your legs shoulder width apart, and legs gently bent.

Place one palm slightly touching your spleen area.  
Your spleen is located below your left breast. 
Use your other palm and place it on your lower abdomen.  

Let your whole body relax from head to toe.  Gently close your eyes. 

Mind power :
Mind power is to use creative visualization.  
Put your mind in your spleen area and visualize this area beautiful and shining.  
It is bright golden light, your spleen is healthy, strong and perfect.

Soul power:
Soul power is to use and invoke Hello Healing®  
Repeat after me, either silently or out-loud

"Dear soul mind body of my spleen, 
I love you honour you and appreciate you. 
You have the power to heal and rejuvenate yourself.
Do a good job!  
Thank you"

Sound power:
Sound power is to chant or sing special vibrational soul songs, sacred healing mantras and sounds. 

I Love my Spleen... I Love my Spleen...I Love my Spleen...
Healthy Spleen...Healthy Spleen...Healthy Spleen... 
Strong Spleen... Strong Spleen...Strong Spleen...
Perfect Spleen!  Perfect Spleen!  Perfect Spleen! 

Please do this practice a few times a day and for each time, 15-20 minutes.
You will find your spleen and digestive issues improving as well as your health.

I wish all of you a Happy and Joyful New Year for 2015! 

With love and blessings,

Thai-Siew Liang