Saturday, 13 December 2014

How to create Love Peace Harmony within our Organs: Heart

Today let's talk about the Heart and how to create Love Peace Harmony within our organs.

First of all we will apply the Four Power Technique

Body Power  
Sit down or stand up position, with your whole body relaxed. 
Place one hand slightly touching over the area over your heart.   Place your other hand below your navel on your lower abdomen.

Gently close your eyes.

Mind Power 
Visualize golden light in your heart.

Soul Power  is to "say hello. 
Dear soul mind and body of my heart, I love you honour you and appreciate you. You have the power to heal and rejuvenate yourself,  do a good job, thank you ... thank you ... thank you.

Sound Power 
I love my heart, I love my heart, I love my heart  
Healthy heart, Healthy heart, healthy heart...

When you finish this practice, at the end you say

Hao, Hao, Hao
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Practice this everyday for about 15 minutes each time.  
You can do this practice 3-4 times a day to receive good health.

Light and love,

Master Thai Siew